About Island Time Coffee Company


Sustainability in Every Cup

Island Time Coffee Company (in partnership with LJS Inc. of Whidbey), believes in sourcing only the most exceptional, sustainable coffees, directly from farmers who share our passion for perfection. In journeying to these farms, we witness where and how our coffees are grown, experiencing first-hand the incredible dedication our farmers have for their craft and crops.

These relationships not only produce the finest coffee, they foster a long-term dedication towards sustainability, stewardship, and a commitment not to use any chemicals or pesticides.


Small Batch, Fresh Roasted, Sustainable Coffee & ALWAYS 100% Chemical free

Crafted specifically for the Northwest aesthetic, Island Time Coffee Company sources only the finest, farm-direct, sustainable coffee beans from Latin America and Indonesia. All our coffee is small-batch roasted, ensuring the best possible freshness.

Island Time Coffee Company, fresh roasted, small batch, artisan coffee. Sustainable and farm direct.



Help Us Support Orca Network

As part of our core mission, Island Time Coffee Company believes strongly in corporate responsibility. 10% of the proceeds from each bag of Salish Orca Blend sold will be donated to Orca Network. Orca Network is a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness of the whales of the Pacific Northwest, and the importance of providing them healthy and safe habitats. For more information, please visit www.orcanetwork.org.